Promotion and Marketing

Brand Awareness by Consumers


There are few companies today that carry only one product. Many have a line of products matched to consumers with different needs. Some companies manufacture lines of electronics for all ages. Others will choose a niche that includes several different types of products. Home goods are an excellent example. A company may begin making several lines of pots and pans. They might eventually branch out into serving platters, plates and flatware. They may continue to add items until they cover every need a cook might have.

Bringing awareness of all their items to the consumer is what branding is about in the modern marketplace. A company wants their marketing to be as comprehensive as possible. They may not be able to bring all their goods to every show, but they still want consumers to remember them. This helps when the consumer is out of their booth and shopping at a local store.

A home goods company with kitchen items will try to get consumers to be emotionally happy when seeing their logo on any item. Experiential marketing in their booth might include photos of happy families enjoying dinner together with their product in the photo. The smell of fresh baked bread or cookies might be a good way to enhance their brand recognition. The pictures and smells must make the consumer think of their brand's logo to make the connection.

Some companies are not able to use these types of marketing tools during all exhibitions. They may use promo girls to make a booth memorable for their consumers. As long as the consumer can identify their brand in another location, their marketing at the exhibition has been a success.

Exhibitions have a long history of being innovative gatherings in the world of marketing. The exhibition staff of any company works with cutting edge marketing tools to make these shows a success. If sales increase across their brand, they know they have done their job properly