Promotion and Marketing

Potential Client Interaction


The investment in a trade show booth is often one of the largest marketing expenses a company can make, so it must be successful . Those charged with designing the booth are generally people with a long history of success. They know the shapes and colours that will attract the eyes of the chosen demographic, and their designs are created to make it a comfortable experience to spend time looking at a company’s products. All of these are important factors, yet it often comes down to potential client interaction between the sales representative and a trade show attendee.

Working with others is all part of what sales representatives do for a living, yet the dynamics of a trade show are often quite different than marketing or sales calls on a business. Clients have often been cold called or they have called a particular company looking for a product. There is much less physical competition nearby, and that can ease a potential client into becoming a paying customer. When a sales talk is held at a trade show, the next booth other could be a direct competitor. Keeping the attention of potential clients can be more difficult.

Comparison shopping is what many trade shows are about, and that includes those that are open to the general public. Many companies have found their products may be more expensive than the same items of those around them, and they have to be able to ensure their sales by touting the reason their products are a better buy. Many of today’s consumers are tired of negative advertising, so keeping a positive spin is important when a potential client brings up the wares of another company during a sales pitch.

Booth design can often be helpful for the sales representatives on the floor, and comfort is one area where a booth can be a part of the sales pitch. Giving a potential client who has been walking through a large show for hours a place to sit and relax can be a welcome element that will make them more open to a purchase.