Promotion and Marketing

Using Exhibitions to Re-Brand a Company


There have been few companies that could completely change their logo without serious issues arising in previous years and markets. Many large companies have been in business for years, but their goals and products have changed. Occasionally they have decided the company needs a fresh new look. Sometimes this is done because of bad publicity in one sector of their business. Many times it needs to be done because a company's basic business has changed greatly over the years.

When a company exists for many years, there are often large changes taking place internally as the original owners pass the company on to other executives. What may have started as a small company making widgets could, over the decades, become a large company that sells consumer goods that no longer need widgets. While many people still identify the company's logo and branding with their products, it is not a true representation. Companies believe consumers deserve branding that reflects their company's current products and take steps to re-brand.

Exhibitions are often a good way to begin the process of changing a company's brand. Consumers visiting a booth will see a different logo and colors with the company's name. The sales and marketing representatives then have a chance to explain the change. They are able to get direct feedback from consumers on how well the change will be received. Sometimes they may even make slight adjustments to their new logo.

Once a company has been through a series of exhibitions with their new branding scheme, they are ready to announce it through advertising. Taking the time to interact with consumers on a person level makes it easier for the company to introduce positive changes in branding. It also helps them to keep their sales at the same level when making these changes.